The added value of the short story.

In modern society brevity is required, desired. We communicate via shorthand, text messaging and emoticons. The short story should be more valued than most forms of fiction, hot on the heels of poetry and flash fiction . A commuter can enjoy one or two stories on the train and not have to remember the thread of their morning’s reading in order to have an enjoyable read on the journey home in the evening. At lunch, waiting for a friend or relaxing on a park bench, the short story can create a new world for the reader to enjoy and the complete experience can be fitted into a hectic, modern lifestyle.

There are no fora or message boards discussing the merits of miniatures over large paintings and it would never be expected that a pop star produce songs of more than 4 minutes.

Perhaps a collection of short stories should be seen as comparable to a cd album which is also a collection of short works from which individual songs are released for universal enjoyment.

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1 Response to The added value of the short story.

  1. Good point, you’d think short stories would be perfect for modern life. They do seem to be getting popular, but still not as respected as novels. Yet F Scott Fitzgerald, for instance, wrote loads of short stories – I guess these things go in fashions.

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