New beginnings

A reader should imagine this blog as being a large, old house. Each room has many stories to tell. In a room on the ground floor, with French doors opening into the sunny garden, there is an oak writing desk. This desk has innumberable drawers and compartments all containing the secrets and stories of everyone who passed though the house over the years. Their stories are varied and their secrets range from the mildly embarrassing, through sneaky to evil beyond compare. Hard to imagine when sitting at the desk looking out over a field of lavander.


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5 Responses to New beginnings

  1. riedern says:

    looking forward to reading more

  2. Hi ana, I love that image of the writing desk and its compartments. I’ll put a link to your blog on mine, I’m building up a little collection of SSCers on there!

  3. Kipples says:

    Hi, Ana.

    Love the site. Good effort, my friend.

  4. Kipples says:

    Well done, Ana. Nice site. Good to see you getting your geek mojo working.

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